About Us

Elim Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is a leading life science service company for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical communities, offering a series of services ranging from DNA and genomics, to drug quantification. We are located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, the birth place and one of the largest centers of the biotech industry.
For more than 10 years, Elim has served thousands of customers local, out-of-state, and world-wide, and has been recognized by its customers as one of their most reliable partners. Through continuous improvements and innovations, Elim has led in many areas of its services, continuously adding different types of new services, and becoming more and more integrated into the daily lives of our customers. Many of them recognize Elim as a dependable partner, which brings excellence and trust-worthiness to help them accelerate their work and reach their unique goals.
Elim prides itself with a unique service culture, which puts you, as a customer, at the forefront and center of all our focuses. Through continuous improvement of processes, infrastructure, automation, and services, we strive to go the extra mile for you to help you reach your goals better and faster:

    • It is our goal to provide you with the best quality for everything you entrust us,       so that you can relax. According to the feedback of many of our customers,       we distinguish ourselves from our competitors with our reliability. It is our       goal to continuously improve our services so it is more and more convenient,       more and more worry-free, and more and more dependable.

    • Especially in today's drastically accelerating science and technology       development, we understand that speed is critical for the cutting-edge work       that you are engaging. One day faster for you to reach your goal could mean       winning in a competition, saving millions of dollars in a drug development       process, helping more people with a better product, or saving more lives.       That is why providing Excellence is not our only goal, but it is Accelerating the       Excellence of your work.

    • We are not only aiming at providing the best price, but desire more to provide       you with the best value. That is why we lead in automation, process       optimization, and operational efficiency. It is also why we continuously offer       an increasing range of complimentary services, so that we can integrate       many of them together, and deliver to you better value than any single service       can possibly provide. We do not cut corners for a cheaper cost. We use the       best and latest equipment, and the best reagents. Because at the end, the       best overall value is what we are all seeking. We are confident that by       working together we can help you achieve that!
Come, and experience the differences. Try our services, and let us serve you so that you can excel. Helping you reach your goal better and faster is our goal. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

    Why Choose Elim?
  • 1. Fair Pricing
  • 2. Fastest Turnarounds
  • 3. Best Quality in the Industry
  • 4. Reliability and Peace of Mind
  • 5. Unique Service Culture
  • 6. We Go the Extra Mile for You
  • 7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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