Peptide Synthesis FAQs

1. Can I receive a quote for my peptides before I place a peptide order?

a. Yes. New customers prefer receiving a quote for their peptide before placing their order. Generally, as customers become familiar with our pricing, they tend place their peptide orders without first receiving a quote.

2. In what format do you deliver your peptides?

a. We can deliver our peptides in an amorphous form or lyophilize them before shipping them to you. Peptides in the lyophilized state are more stable at normal ambient temperatures.

3. How fast do you turn around your peptides?

a. We can turn around peptides as fast as overnight. However, the total time required depends on the specifics of your order including the required modifications, purity as well as the length of your peptides. For peptide lengths of 10 or less, an overnight service is available to you. (Crude, unmodified, amorphous products only. One more day will be added to lyophilized products). Order cut-off time is 10am. Regular turnaround time is 3-7 days for regular peptides. For special peptides and purification needs, additional time will be needed. Also, for peptide arrays, we have the potential for a 2 day turn around time (Crude, amorphous, 1-5mg scale, <20AA only).

4. If I want a peptide array, but don’t have 96 peptides, how will I be charged?

a. Peptide Arrays are priced per peptide and not by array. We can synthesize just a few to a full plate of peptides according to your specific peptide array needs.

5. Can you make modifications on peptides?

a. Yes. Please go to our "Custom Peptide Synthesis" page to see a list of our modifications. If you require a modification that is not present, please contact us and we will try work to accommodate.

6. When will my peptide synthesis be started?

a. We start your peptide synthesis as soon as your order is placed online. If you require any changes to your order, please call (800.214.7722 or 510.783.1112) and Email us immediately so that we can make modifications as well.
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