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Elim provides high quality bioanalytical services to support your research and development needs. Current Elim customers know that high quality and great turnaround time is our specialty. Let us meet all of your bioanalytical and mass spec needs and relax, knowing that your results will be reliable, and delivered in time.   Learn More
  • BA of Small Molecules
  • Quantification of Proteins & Large Molecules
  • Dry Blood Spot Analysis using AB sciex QTrap 6500 LCMSMS
Our multiple analytical platforms including HPLC, LC/MS/MS, modern on-and off-line sample preparation techniques and high throughput robotics, allow Elim to support clinical and non-clinical drug development studies. For a full description of our Bioanalytical Studies please click here.
Try Elim's Bioanalytical and Mass Spec services, and become one of Elim’s thousands satisfied customers. Let us help you accomplish your studies better and faster.
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