Elim Biopharmaceuticals Bioanalytical Services Specifications

Our Team

Highly Qualified Expertise for Bioanalytical Services -- Our Senior Leadership has:

    * More than 20 years expertise in the field of LCMSMS technology for both       small and large molecules
    * Eighteen years of service lab experience including 15 years bioanalytical lab       operation and senior level management in GLP regulated contract research       organizations ( CRO )
    * More than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals and scientific       conferences
    * Numerous bioanalytical report preparations and reviews for FDA       submission
    * Ph.D. in Analytical Medicinal Chemistry

The Highest Quality across Multiple Analytical Platforms

We provide clients with superior services while meeting their high quality standards and expectations. We use the industry’s standard LC/MS/MS system, HPLC, and auto-sampler (21 CFR Part 11 compliant software), and have high throughput robotics supporting automated large scale sample handling. With modern on- and off-line sample preparation techniques and bioanalytical services supervised by our senior leadership in Bioanalytical Services with over 20 years of expertise, we can deliver the quality and speed you need, every time.

Rapid Turnaround and High-Throughput

Rapid biological sample analysis is provided to support your time-sensitive drug development efforts, from discovery to preclinical studies, and through all phases of clinical trials. Our high-throughput Bioanalytical service supports drug discovery screening and lead optimization, including in vitro ADME, metabolic stability, CYP inhibition, and invivo pharmacokinetic screening.

A Full range of Bioanalytical Services

We can provide:

Analysis of small molecules, metal complexes, proteins, peptides,     oligonucleotides and PEG compounds
Analysis of Samples in different biological matrices
         Dry Blood Spot, Plasma, urine and tissues from various species
         Support for PK, PD, Toxicokinetics, ADME and metabolite ID studies
         For drug discovery, preclinical and clinical developments
Biomarker assays
         For drug safety and efficacy, diagnostics, disease modeling and clinical             studies

Try and Witness the Difference!

Try Elim's Bioanalytical and Mass Spec services, and become one of Elim’s thousands satisfied customers. Let us help you accomplish your studies better and faster. We look forward to working with you!

To inquire about Elim’s Bioanalytical services, please contact us through Email (BA@Elimbio.com) or call us (800-214-7722 or 510-783-1112) with your project's specific needs.
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