DNA Sequencing FAQs

1. Do you have more universal primers?

a. Yes, we have a large list of common primers routinely used by our customers. Only the most commonly used primers are listed on our website.
b. We offer custom Oligo Synthesis Services as well and can quickly synthesize any of your special primers. Many customers synthesize and store their commonly used primers at Elim to be used routinely for their DNA sequencing projects. As always, this internal transfer and storage features are provided free of charge for all of our customers.

2. Do you provide bioinformatic services to support sequencing data analysis?

a. Yes. We provide bioinformatic support, such as DNA sequence assembly, alignment, ect. Please inquire if you need these services. We have very powerful bioinformatic services that can process data based on the Phred quality score of each individual base, therefore providing very accurate assembly and alignment results. We have been providing bioinformatic services to many customers on a routine basis.

3. Can you check my template concentration?

a. Yes. For non-premixed samples, we can check your template concentration free of charge. If needed, we can concentrate or dilute your sample before running the sequencing reaction.

4. How do I submit my sequencing samples?

a. Please check "Sample Prep" for specific instructions as to how to prepare your samples. Most sequencing samples can be sent to us through mail as DNA is relatively stable at normal ambient temperatures.

5. How do I know when my DNA Sequencing data is ready?

a. We notify you via email (listed on your account) as soon as your sequencing data becomes available for download.

6. What programs can I use to open the .ab1 files?

a. You can use programs like FinchTV (http://www.geospiza.com/finchtv.html), or Chromas (http://www.technelysium.com.au/chromas.html) to view your sequencing .ab1 file.

7. Do I have to use the online ordering system?

a. If you prefer, we have Excel forms that you may fill out and send via email to sequencing@elimbio.com. "Please click here to see the details."

8. My run seems to have failed. What should I do?

a. Please contact us immediately for troubleshooting and rerunning your sample. We have different protocols for challenging templates such as GC-rich, siRNA, ect. Our sequencing specialists are highly experienced in solving your sequencing issues or difficulties.

9. How long do you keep sequencing samples at your site?

a. Unless specifically noted, we keep sequencing samples for two weeks before we dispose of them.

10. How do I get a price quote?

a. Please "Contact Us" by phone or Email with your specific DNA Sequencing needs and volume so that we may provide you with a market competitive quote! We work on your budget to provide you with all of our high quality services.
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