DNA Purification Services

Elim’s Unprecedented Quality, Speed and Cost Advantage

Whether it is 1 microgram or 1 gram, 1 plasmid or 20 plasmids, let us do DNA purification for you, so that you can focus on your science. Elim is the leader in providing the highest quality DNA in various quantities, and have been providing this service for over 10 years.   Learn More
  • Microgram to Gram Production
  • Ultra-Pure Endotoxin Free Prep
  • High-Throughput Mini-Prep
Elim uses proprietary processes, which can generate ultrapure, endotoxin-free plasmids optimal for in vivo studies and large scale transfection. We can purify at any scales ranging from mini, midi, maxi, mega, giga preps, all the way to gram scale purifications. We can purify common reporters (e.g. Luc, beta-Gal, GFP, etc.), vectors (e.g. pUC19 to serve as control), and your custom plasmids with fast turnaround time that always meet your timeline requirements and research needs.
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  • 1. Fair Pricing
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  • 3. Best Quality in the Industry
  • 4. Reliability and Peace of Mind
  • 5. Unique Service Culture
  • 6. We Go the Extra Mile for You
  • 7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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