Next Gen Sequencing

Elim’s Unprecedented Quality, Speed and Cost Advantage

Elim provides consistently high quality, fast turnaround, and cost-effective Next Generation Sequencing services to the life science community. We have expertise in all aspects of Next Gen Sequencing, from platforms and applications to library preparations and bioinformatics. Our customers know that high quality and great turnaround times are Elim’s specialties.   

Elim uses the most advanced platforms from Illumina® and Ion Torrent™ to support your Next Gen Sequencing projects. To ensure consistently high quality sequencing data, we optimize our proprietary protocols and apply stringent QC/QA standards to the entire NGS workflow.   

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Comprehensive NGS Services

Elim’s comprehensive NGS service offerings include library preps and target enrichment, quality sequencing and bioinformatics. We have expertise in various library prep and enrichment technologies, including RightOn™ 1000 Cancer Genes Sequencing, and we deploy leading high-throughput platforms and innovative bioinformatics to meet the most demanding Next Gen sequencing and applications needs.

Our experienced staffs will work with you starting from the design stages of your project, until you receive and are satisfied with your data. Our customers, from leading life science companies and institutes, have chosen us for reliable, fast turnaround and high quality NGS services. We have the expertise to help advance your genetic research in the most cost-effective manner. We will work with you to put the power of Next Gen Sequencing in your hands.

NGS Applications Expertise

Elim has the expertise to support many cutting-edge NGS applications, such as:
  • • De novo Sequencing

  • • Whole-Genome Resequencing

  • • Targeted Sequencing (e.g., Exome Sequencing)

  • • Whole-Transcriptome Profiling (e.g., mRNAseq, Tag Profiling)

  • • Protein-DNA or Protein-RNA Interactions (e.g., ChIP sequencing)

  • • Epigenomics
And Many More... Contact Elim to discuss your Next Gen Sequencing needs.