Illumina® Next Gen Sequencing

Fast Turnaround on High-Throughput Platform

Elim strives to provide the highest quality, fast turnaround and cost-effective NGS services. Our comprehensive NGS services include library preps, enrichment, and bioinformatics on the Illumina® platform.

We deploy the most advanced Illumina® HiSeq to support your NGS needs. The latest HiSeq 2500 delivers ultra high-throughput sequencing, and features two run modes to suit different requirements for sequencing data. The Rapid Run mode,with two 2-lane flow cells, can sequence a whole human genome in a day. The High Output Run mode can sequence multiple genomes in a single run, and is well suited for applications that require large amount of data, deep coverage and profiling of complex genomes profiling.

Illumina HiSeq 2500: TruSeq v3 Output Specifications

Read Length Single Flow Cell (8 Lanes) Dual Flow Cell Run Time Single Flow Cell (2 Lanes) Dual Flow Cell Run Time
1 x 36 47-52 Gb 2 days 9-11 Gb 7 hr
2 × 50 135-150 Gb 5.5 days 25-30 Gb 16 hr
2 x 100 270-300 Gb 11 days 50-60 Gb 27 hr
2 x 150 N/A N/A 75-90 Gb 40 hr
 Passing Filter
Up to 1.5 billion single reads or 3  billion paired-end reads Up to 300 million single reads
 or 600 million paired-end reads

To better serve our next generation sequencing customers with the most advanced technology available, Elim-NGS adds Illuminal HiSeq v4 sequencing chemistry to our existing HiSeq2500 v3 Rapid and High Output. This newly released sequencing chemistry from Illumina offers improved cluster density and throughput. Each sequencing run can provide our NGS customers higher amount of data with much faster turnaround time.

High Output Run Mode (Eight lanes)*

Read Length Dual Flow Cell Single Flow Cell Dual Flow Cell Run Time Dual Flow Cell Single Flow Cell Dual Flow Cell Run Time
1 x 36 128-144 Gb 64-72 Gb 29 hrs 95-105 Gb 47-52 Gb 2 days
2 × 50 360-400 Gb 180-200 Gb 2.5 days 270-300 Gb 135-150 Gb 5.5 days
2 x 100 720-800 Gb 360-400 Gb 5 days 540-600 Gb 270-300 Gb 11 days
2 x 125 900-1000 Gb 450-500 Gb 6 days NA NA NA

*HiSeq v4 sequencing chemistry only applied to High Output (eight lanes) runs.

Our high quality NGS data and fast turnaround times attest to our expertise in various high-throughput platforms, applications and sequencing protocols. Contact Elim to discuss your Next Gen seqeuncing needs.

NGS Applications Expertise

Elim has the expertise to support many cutting-edge NGS applications on the Illumina® platform, including:
  • • De novo Sequencing

  • • Whole-Genome Resequencing

  • • Targeted Sequencing (e.g., Exome Sequencing)

  • • Whole-Transcriptome Profiling (e.g., mRNAseq, Tag Profiling)

  • • Protein-DNA or Protein-RNA Interactions (e.g., ChIP sequencing)

  • • Epigenomics

And Many More... Contact Elim to discuss your Next Gen Sequencing needs.

How NGS works on Illumina® Sequence-by-Synthesis. Learn more in FAQ.

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