Oligo Synthesis

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Elim Biopharmaceuticals has been known as the most stable and reliable high-quality oligo provider in the industry. We have been providing Oligo Synthesis for almost 10 years and have many loyal, long-term customers. We stand by our products and your satisfaction is our goal.   Learn More
  • Highest Quality in the Industry
  • As Fast as Same-Day Delivery
  • High-Quality Reagents & Materials

We guarantee superior quality oligos optimized for a wide range of applications. Our oligos are salt-free with further purification options available. Our process is fully automated to meet the most challenging synthesis requirements with a modular design to allow out synthesis capacity to be easily allocated to specific customers or projects. As the provider of the industry’s best turnaround time (overnight delivery with order cutoff time at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time), we were also the first to provide free local delivery of your oligos. To see a full description of our Oligo Synthesis services,please click here.
Try Elim's oligo synthesis services, and become one of our thousands of satisfied customers. Once you witness Elim’s outstanding quality and customer service, you will experience the value, speed, and reliability that our customers enjoy.
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