Oligo Synthesis Specifications

Highest Quality

Elim Biopharmaceuticals has been providing Oligo Synthesis for almost 10 years and uses the most advanced high throughput DNA synthesizers to generate high-quality oligos. We have the most stringent Quality Control built into every step of Oligo Synthesis as we believe that process control is THE most critical factor to ensure the quality of oligos. We can also provide PAGE and HPLC purification for projects that require the most pure oligos.

Industry’s Best Turnaround -- Overnight when order by 5 pm PST

If you place an order of oligos less than 35 bases without any modifications or purification online by 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, your oligos will be ready overnight for delivery or shipment. Oligos entered online after 5 pm, oligos greater than 35 bases, or oligos with modification and purification generally require one additional day.

Free Local Delivery to Your Lab

Order your oligos by 5 pm, and receive them the next day in your lab! Elim offers free delivery of oligo orders to our local customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our customers recognize this as a significant saving for their oligo spending.

Ability to provide for all of your Oligo synthesis needs

There is no project too small or large for Elim. Our completely automated, modular design allows our synthesis capacity to be easily allocated to specific customers or projects. Our synthesis scales include:
    • 25 nmols
    • 50 nmols
    • 0.2 μmols
    • 1 μmol
    • multi-μmols

Combined DNA Sequencing services - Internal Transfer Capability

We are the only local San Francisco Bay Area company providing both DNA Sequencing and Oligo synthesis services. We can do internal transfers of your oligos for your sequencing orders and store them at Elim. You can also request Elim to store an aliquot of primers and ask us to ship or deliver the rest of the primers back to you for your research. As always, these features are provided free of charge for all of our customers.

Time Saving, Secure Online Ordering System

All samples are processed together with Elim's online ordering system. All order information is transferred to us through a secured network connection and is directly linked to our computer system and synthesizer to insure error-free operation. Online ordering is easier and faster than ordering manually with Microsoft Excel’s program. In addition, it offers many advantages such as sample tracking, increased accuracy and efficiency, and the possibility of account and data management. However, we also accept email and fax orders if you prefer. As always, all information received will be kept in strict confidence.
Please click here for more info about how to place an order.

Try and Witness the Difference!

Please try Elim’s Oligosynthesis service and give us a chance to impress you. Customers tell us all the time that we are the most stable and reliable high-quality oligo provider in the industry. We stand by our products and provide real value to each of our customers. We look forward to working with you!

To place your Oligo Synthesis order, please click here. You will be directed to a page that will guide you through the ordering process.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
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