DNA Sequencing

Elim’s Unprecedented Quality, Speed and Cost Advantage

Elim Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is a leading sequencing service company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been doing DNA sequencing for over 10 years, and is considered by our customers to be the best sequencing company, with best quality, fast delivery and low cost. Elim has pioneered many new features in DNA sequencing services, which include:   

        •    First sequencing company offering overnight sequencing result delivery,              when others are having 5 day delivery time.

        •    First offering free local sample pickup, making sequencing a convenient              daily service for our local customers.

        •    First in offering online ordering for DNA sequencing.

        •    First in offering online scheduling for local sample pickup.

        •    First in offering online result downloading and automated data delivery.

        •    First in realizing same-day data turnaround.

        •    First in stringent multi-level quality control, enabling every reaction, every              base being QC'ed.

        •    First sequencing company in Bay Area upgraded to the current ABI              3730xl sequencers.

        •    First company in Bay Area offering oligo synthesis in house, together              with DNA sequencing. This enables the fastest delivery of oligos needed              for sequencing.

        •    First sequencing company in Bay Area offering the leading Illumina Next              Gen Sequencing.

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Today, Elim is continuing to lead the sequencing services with new innovations, better services, and better pricing; raising the bar in quality, service, and value for the whole industry. With thousands of happy customers using Elim's sequencing service as their daily lab routine, we are confident that Elim will be able to provide you with a highly reliable and satisfying DNA sequencing experience.

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  • 1. Fair Pricing
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  • 3. Best Quality in the Industry
  • 4. Reliability and Peace of Mind
  • 5. Unique Service Culture
  • 6. We Go the Extra Mile for You
  • 7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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