Bioanalytical & Mass Spec FAQs

1. What are the advantages of dry blood spot (DBS)?

a. The Dry Blood Spot(DBS) advantages include
Reduce blood volume and more time points / animal
Eliminate freezing sample for storage and shipping, and no freeze / thaw               stability issue
Eliminate enzymatic degradation
Tolerate blood anticoagulant, temperature differences and pipetting               variation
Increase biosafety with card coating matrices to kill bacteria and viruses
Simplify and reduce cost for global sample shipping and handing

Sensitivity is the challenge for bioanalysis of DBS samples due to reduced blood volume in 10-20 uL. At Elim, we utilize the most sensitive LCMSMS system, AB Sciex Qtrap 6500, to analyze DBS samples.

2. What kind of BA and Mass Spec services do you offer?

a. We offer a full range of Bioanalytical services using cutting-edge LCMSMS technology. This includes small molecule quantification and large molecule quantification from a variety of biological matrices. Please click here for a full description of our BA and Mass Spec services.

3. Is your Staff experienced in BA services?

a. Yes. Our team consists of highly experienced senior leadership with the best industrial bioanalytical experience and well trained bioanalytical chemists. Our senior leader has performed large-scale Bioanalytical studies in GLP regulated contract research organizations (CRO), produced numerous bioanalytical reports and reviews for FDA submission.

4. What Instruments are you using for your Bioanalytical Services?

a. We use cutting-edge instrumentations, including the industry's leading LCMSMS and a variety of supporting automations for large scale sample handling.

5. What studies can you do?

a. We support PK, PD, Toxicokinetics, ADME and metabolite ID studies for drug discovery, preclinical and clinical developments. We also work on samples from a variety of other sources including clinical and food samples.

6. Do you perform biomakers studies?

a. Yes. We support biomarker assays and quantifications for drug safety and efficacy, diagnostics, disease modeling, and clinical studies.

7. How fast is your turn around time for Bioanalytical studies?

a. Elim has the fastest turn around times in the industry. However, the specific time required for a study will depend on the specifics of your sample and the scope and scale of the study. A small bioanalytical study with limited sample quantity can be turned around as fast as overnight.
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