RightOn Cancer Sequencing Services

RightOn Library Prep & Target Enrichment Services

Too busy? Too little DNA? Can't get the library prep working? No problem. Elim's RightOn Library Prep & Enrichment Services can help! Send us your DNA, we can do the NGS library prep and target enrichment for you. We can do the sequencing for you afterwards, or send back to you the sequencing-ready captured samples.

Elim's RigthOn Cancer Sequencing Services encompass Elim’s expertise in NGS library prep, target enrichment, automation, handling of difficult samples, and stringent QC for high quality sequencing results. The superior performances of RightOn Cancer Sequencing Kits provide a convenient, accurate and cost-effective enrichment solution for comprehensive cancer profiling. Built upon a sterling reputation for quality services, Elim strives to provide the highest quality library prep and enrichment services for cancer sequencing.

Next Generation Sequencing Services

Recognized in the life science community for high quality services and fast turnaround time, Elim offers advanced Next Gen services by deploying leading sequencing platforms, including the latest Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencers. Elim’s expertise in Next Gen technologies can support all your genomic research needs and a broad set of downstream applications.

For cancer researchers, we provide the option to combine RightOn enrichment services with Elim’s Next Gen services for greater convenience, value, and assurance of quality sequencing results.

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