Peptide Synthesis

Elim’s Unprecedented Quality, Speed and Cost Advantage

Elim Biopharmaceuticals revolutionized the field of peptide synthesis by being the first company to offer overnight peptide synthesis. We can meet and exceed all of your peptide needs by synthesizing high quality peptides from the best starting materials. We also provide FREE delivery for our local customers and can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service.   Learn More
  • Overnight Synthesis of 10mer or Less
  • Peptide Array, Epitope Mapping
  • Custom, Modified Peptide Synthesis

Key Features:

        1. Fastest turnaround in the industry
                a. For peptide length of 10AA or less, an overnight service is available                 to you. (Crude, unmodified, amorphous products only. One more day                 will be added to lyophilized products). Order cut-off time is 12 noon                 Pacific Standard Time.
                b. Regular turnaround time is 3-7 days for regular peptides. For special                 peptides and purification needs, additional time will be needed.
                c. Peptide Arrays as fast as 2-3 day delivery!
        2. High-quality
        Elim employs fine-tuned synthesis protocols, stringent QA/QC procedures,         and state-of-the-art instrumentations such as an array of high-end mass         spectrometers to assure that only high-quality products are synthesized         and delivered. Our well-trained technicians with computerized systems and         state of the art robotics will bring you reliable products consistently.
        3. Special pricing
        Elim offers competitive pricing for all peptide synthesis products. Please         email us at for a specific quote for your need.
        4. Convenient on-line ordering system.
        You may place peptide order online at our web site:         Please log in, click "Custom Peptide Synthesis", and follow the instructions.
Become one of Elim’s thousands of satisfied customers. Once you witness Elim’s outstanding quality and customer service, you will understand why everyone from scientists of top research institutes to biotech and pharmaceutical companies is using Elim’s peptide synthesis services.

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  • 1. Fair Pricing
  • 2. Fastest Turnarounds
  • 3. Best Quality in the Industry
  • 4. Reliability and Peace of Mind
  • 5. Unique Service Culture
  • 6. We Go the Extra Mile for You
  • 7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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