Peptide Arrays

Most Versatile Peptide Array

• Antibody and T-cell Epitope mapping and Optimization
• Peptide libraries
• Protein Characterization
• Drug screening, Vaccine target validation

Highest Quality Peptide Arrays

• We only use Top Quality starting materials and solvents
• We provide Mass Spec and HPLC analysis for Quality Assurance
• PhD Chemists ready to answer any of your synthesis related questions

Most Economic Peptide Array

• Crude, amorphous, C-terminal amide peptides only
• 1-5mg synthesis scale
• Crude, amorphous, C-terminal amide peptides only
• Up to 20 amino acids per peptide
• No minimum number of peptides

Fastest Turnaround Time

• As fast as 2-day delivery!
• High quality crude peptides in 96-well plate format

Try and Witness the Difference!

Please try our Peptide Array services and give us a chance to impress you. Avoid the long industry turnaround time for peptide delivery by allowing Elim to be your Peptide Array provider. Due to the characteristics of the traditional peptide synthesis chemistry, it usually takes 2-6 weeks for other venders, and sometimes even longer to deliver a peptide array. Through a unique setup, Elim has reduced the turnaround time for peptide array synthesis from weeks to days for peptide arrays. It is our goal to continuously improve our services. We look forward to working with you!

For ordering Peptide Arrays, please email us at with either of the following information:

1. Peptide Sequences in your peptide arrays
2. Protein Sequence, with the length of the peptide, and how many amino acid overlap you desire.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
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