How to Order Elim’s Peptides and Peptide Arrays

Qutation for Custom Peptides

To receive a quote before you order, please E-mail us ( with your:

1.Peptide sequence

2.Quantity (mg)

3.Purity (Crude, >70%, >80%, >90%, >95%, >98%)

4.Desired modifications, if any

5.Any Other Specifications such as: special timeline requirements, shipping requirements, and additional questions.

6.We offer competitive pricing, and will do our best to work with your budget. Feel free to include a competitor’s quote.

To Place Order for Custom Peptides

Please login to your existing account to place a Peptide Synthesis order. You may use the same account for all other Elim Services, including DNA sequencing and Oligo synthesis.
If you do not have an Elim Biopharmaceuticals account, please register first to generate an online account (real-time). Then, you may immediately login to begin placing a Peptide Synthesis order.
Place your order under "Order Custom Peptides", and follow the instructions and include any special instructions in the "Remarks Section" of the order.

For ordering Peptide Arrays, please email us at with your:

• Sequences for peptide arrays.
    1. Peptide Sequences in your peptide arrays
    2. Protein Sequence, with the length of the peptide, and how many amino acid     overlap you desire.

Free Peptide Delivery for Local Customers

For local customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Elim offers free delivery of your peptide orders. If you are not sure, please call us at (800) 214-7722 or (510) 783-1112 to check whether free delivery is currently available for your institute. Free peptide delivery will automatically apply if you already have free DNA sequencing sample pickup or oligo delivery.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
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