Peptide Synthesis Specifications

Highest Quality Custom Peptides

• We only use Top Quality starting materials and solvents
• We provide Mass Spec and HPLC analysis for Quality Assurance
• Growing Customer Converts to our Company Commit to use only our Service!
• PhD Chemists ready to answer any of your synthesis related questions

Ability to Synthesize and Purify all Your Custom Peptides

• Accurately and Efficiently synthesize 3-50+ amino acid peptides
• Provide various levels of Purity (Crude, >70%, >80%, >90%, >95%, >98%)
        • Crude (amorphous, or lyophilized)
        • >70%
        • >80%
        • >90%
        • >95%
        • >98%
        • Other special requirements, please inquire.
• Provide a wide Variety of Modifications
        • C-terminal: acid (default), amide, Biotin, AMC, etc.
        • Internal modifications: biotin, dansyl, phosphorylation, etc.
        • Cyclization (disulfide bond, head-to-tail).
        • Please inquire for other modifications
• Synthesize varying scales of peptides
        • 1-5 mg
        • 5-10 mg
        • 10-20 mg
        • 20-50 mg
        • 50-100 mg
        • Larger than 100 mg scales, please inquire.

Industry’s Pioneering Turnaround Time

• Overnight Peptide Synthesis for crude unmodified, amorphous peptides up to   10mer
• As fast as 3-7 days for regular peptides

Try and Witness the Difference!

Still waiting for your peptides? Frustrated with the unstable quality of your current supplier? Please try Elim's Peptide Synthesis and give us a chance to impress you. Due to the characteristics of the traditional peptide synthesis chemistry, it usually takes 2-6 weeks for other venders, and sometimes even longer to deliver a peptide. Through a unique setup, Elim has reduced the turnaround time for peptide synthesis from weeks to days for regular peptides. It is our goal to continuously improve our services. We look forward to working with you!

To place your Custom Peptide Synthesis order, please click here or, to first receive a quote for your peptide, please click here. You will be directed to a page that will guide you through the ordering process.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
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