Oligo Synthesis FAQs

1. What’s your turn around time for oligos?

a. For oligos less than 35 bases without modifications or purifications, if you place your order online by 5pm PST, your oligos will be ready the next day.
b. For oligos that are longer than 35 bases, or oligos requiring modifications or purifications, it generally takes one additional day.

2. What are your length limits for your oligo scales?

a. To ensure the high quality of our oligos, we set a maximum base length at each synthesis scale.
i. 25nmol is up to 50bp
ii. 50nmol is up to 60bp
iii. 200nmol up to 80bp
iv. 1umol for greater than 80bp.

3. Do you offer purifications?

a. Yes. To ensure our high quality oligos, we do not offer purification at the 25nmol scale.
b. We offer 1-step purification for the 50nmol scale and 2-step purifications for the 200nmol and 1umol scales.

4. What kinds of modifications do you do?

a. We offer a wide range of modifications, and they range from simple biotin labeling to the synthesis of Taqman probes. Please see our “Full Description” page for a complete list of available modifications.

5. Do you make degenerate base oligos as well?

a. Yes. When ordering, please use the standard IUB coding to represent the degenerate base.

6. How do you deliver your large-scale oligos?

a. Generally customers are provided 96-well plate formats for large orders of oligos. However, if you prefer, we are able to deliver your oligos to you in tubes as well.

7. How do I get a price quote?

a. Please "Contact Us" by phone or Email with your specific oligo synthesis needs and volume so that we may provide you with a market competitive quote! We work on your budget to provide you with all of our high quality services.

8. Do I have to use the online ordering system?

a. Most customers order through our convenient online system. If you prefer, we have Excel forms that you may fill out and send via email to oligo@elimbio.com. Please use Elim’s “Oligo Ordering Form”.

9. Can I get the Tm of my oligo?

Please input the oligo sequence:

Tm Value:
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