DNA Purification FAQs

1. What are the different types of purifications that you provide?

a. We provide a full range of standard DNA preparations including Mini, Midi, Maxi, Mega, and Giga preps. We also provide customer quantity DNA Preparations from 1mg preps to multi-gram preparations.

2. What’s the turn around for your purification services?

a. Elim offers the fastest turn around for DNA Purification in the industry. However, the time required for your Purification will depend on the quantity required and the number of plasmids submitted. Generally, we can turn around orders of 10-20 plasmids within one week.

3. How do I submit my samples for purification?

a. Please click here to see the full description for sample submission requirements. "How to order"

4. How do I order DNA Purification?

a. Please click here to see the directions for ordering DNA purifications.

5. How do I get a price quote for my DNA Purification order?

a. Please Email us with your specific DNA Purification needs to discuss our competitive pricing with you.
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