Dry Blood Spot (DBS) Mass Spec Analysis

What is DBS for LC/MS/MS bioanalysis?

a. Spot 10 – 20 uL blood on coated card, dry, ship and store. For DMPK / TK bioanalysis, punch out the DBS disc, extract analytes and run LC/MS/MS to get analyte concentrations in blood.

What are the DBS advantages?

a. The Dry Blood Spot(DBS) advantages include
Reduce blood volume and more time points / animal
Eliminate freezing sample for storage and shipping, and no freeze/thaw                stability issue
Eliminate enzymatic degradation
Tolerate blood anticoagulant, temperature differences and pipetting                variation
Increase biosafety with card coating matrices to kill bacteria and viruses
Simplify and reduce cost for global sample shipping and handing

What are the limits for DBS?

a. DBS is not for volatile analytes. Sensitivity is the main challenge for bioanalysis of DBS samples due to reduced blood volume in 10-20 uL. At Elim, we utilize the most sensitive LCMSMS system, AB Sciex Qtrap 6500, to analyze DBS samples.
Elim has the fastest turn around times in the industry. However, the specific time required for a study will depend on the specifics of your sample and the scope and scale of the study.
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