DNA Sequencing Specifications

Highest Quality: (Click here to view pGEM Control)

Using the latest and the highest quality high throughput technology including,

    • The best instruments,
    • Internally optimized protocols, and
    • Innovative automations.

Together, with stringent Q.A. and Q.C, we have been consistently receiving good feedback from our customers. Regardless of your sample size, a few reactions to a large genomic project, we strive to provide the highest quality data and the best service for all customers.

Fastest Possible Turn Around:

    • Standard sequencing orders: overnight turnaround.
    • Special projects: please call us (800-214-7722 or 510-783-1112) to discuss       your special needs. We will accommodate your special timeline       requirement.
    • Mail-in samples: all samples will be processed on the day when we receive       them.
    • Same day turnaround: have your samples ready by 10 am for local sample       pickup. For mail-in samples, please arrange so that your samples can be       received before 10:00 am. (Additional charge will apply. Read length is       approximately 800 bases)
    • Overnight turnaround starting from bacterial colonies.

Ability to fulfill all of your DNA Sequencing Needs:

    • Plasmids
    • PCR products
    • Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) End Sequencing
    • Cosmid
    • Phage
    • Genomic DNA
    • Primer walking
    • Shotgun sequencing

Template preparation services:

    • Mini-prep
    • RCA (Rolling Circle Amplification)
    • PCR clean-up

Time Saving Secure Online Ordering System

All samples are processed with Elim's online ordering system. All order information is transferred to us through a secured network connection. Online ordering is easier and faster than ordering manually with Microsoft Excel’s program. In addition, it offers many advantages such as sample tracking, increased accuracy and efficiency, and the possibility of account and data management. However, we also accept email and fax orders if you prefer. As always, all information received will be kept in strict confidence.
Please click here for more info about how to place an order.

Free Local Sample Pickup:

Elim provides free sample pickup for local customers (within the San Francisco Bay Area). New customers in the Bay Area please call us at 800-214-7722 or 510-783-1112 to check whether pickup is currently available for your institute, and the details for the pickup location.

Online Sequencing Data Download:

Do not let late results delay your project! Elim’s convenient data retrieval system allows you to download your sequencing results from the same account used to order the Sequencing service. We guarantee overnight turnaround time for standard DNA sequencing orders, but the moment your data are available for retrieval, you will receive an Email notification from Elim.

Combined Oligo Synthesis Services:

We are the only local company in the San Francisco Bay Area providing both DNA Sequencing and Oligo synthesis services. We can do internal transfers of your oligos and store them at Elim for your sequencing orders. You can also request Elim to store an aliquot of primers and to ship or deliver the rest of the primers back to you for your research. As always, these features are provided free of charge for all of our customers. Please take advantage of the convenience of combining our DNA sequencing and oligo synthesis services.

Primer Walking

With Elim's combined DNA Sequencing and Oligo Synthesis Services, you can accomplish your primer walking projects in the most efficient and most cost effective way. You only need to submit templates for primer walking once with enough amount for the project. You can estimate the template amount by the fact that each sequencing reaction will require around 150-200 ng of template, and one sequencing reaction can usually generate at least 800-base reading if everything goes well. You need to design your primers, and order them online through Elim's Oligo Synthesis Services.

First, you design your first set of primers. Once the primers get synthesized, they will be transferred to our sequencing dept. for sequencing work (please indicate in the remarks section for the oligo order that you need internal transfer). At the same time, please place sequencing order and indicate that this is for primer walking project so that we know we need to keep your templates. Based on the fist set of sequencing data, you can design your next set of primers. The cycle goes on until the whole constructs are sequenced. Remember to e-mail us ( Sequencing@elimbio.com) the sequencing order # every time when you place a new order. We will print out the order form and start sequencing reactions for you. The cost will be based on the number of sequencing reactions and primers you order for the project.

We also provide bioinformatic service (see below) should you need sequence assembly after the sequencing of your constructs is completed.

Bioinformatic Services

We provide bioinformatic support, such as DNA sequence assembly (contigs), alignment, etc. Please inquire if you need these services. We have very powerful bioinformatic systems that can process data based on the Phred quality score of each individual base, therefore, providing very accurate assembly/alignment results.

We have been providing bioinformatic services to many customers on a routine basis.

Try and Witness the Difference!

Please try our DNA Sequencing service and give us a chance to impress you. It is our goal to continuously improve our services. Many of our existing customers can witness the difference of Elim's service and we value the difference they have made in its improvement. We look forward to working with you!

To place your sequencing order, please click here. You will be directed to a page that will guide you through the ordering process.

To see a list of our in-house primers, please click here.

For instructions on how to prepare your samples, please click here.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
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