How to Order Elim’s DNA Sequencing:

If you already have an online account, Please login to place a DNA sequencing order.

If you do not have an Elim Biopharmaceuticals account, please register first to generate an online account (real-time). Then, you may immediately login to begin placing a DNA sequencing order. You may use the same account for all Elim Services such as DNA sequencing, Oligo synthesis, and Peptide synthesis.

Free Sample Pickup for Local Customers

For local customers (within the San Francisco Bay Area), if local sample pickup is available for your institute, please first order local sample pickup. Within a few clicks, you will be able to specify when and where you would like to receive pickup. If you have a special pickup time request, please specify in the remark section. If you are unsure if your institute is eligible for free local sample pick up, please call us at 800-214-7722 or 510-783-1112 to check whether pickup is currently available for your institute. Once local pick up is scheduled, please fill out the online DNA Sequencing order form.

To Submit Your DNA sequencing Samples

After filling out the online order form, please:

        • Print out 2 copies of the last page (summary), one for sample submission           and one for your own record.
        • Attach (e.g., using Scotch tape) sample tubes to the printout.
        • Leave printout (with attached samples) at the designated area (e.g., on           your desk/bench or lab pickup folder) for local courier pickup, or send by           mail for customers outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.
        • Results will be available online overnight. You will receive a notification           email when your results are ready for download. Please login, click           "Download Sequencing Data", and your data will be listed there by order           number.

Ordering through Excel Order Form

For your convenience when you have larger sample sizes (either in tubes or plates), please use the corresponding forms: "Excel Sequencing Order Form for Tubes", Excel Sequencing Order Form for 96-well Plates (A1, B1...H1, A2, B2...H2, ...), or Excel Sequencing Order Form for 96-well Plates (A1, A2...A12, B1, B2...B12, ...).

DNA Sequencing Order Forms for Download

    *: These 96-well order forms can be directly uploaded when you place online order.
    : The tube form is for you to organize your sample information to copy/paste into our online order form.
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