DNA Sequencing Template Preparation Services

Mini Prep Service

High Throughput Mini Prep in 96-well Plates. Samples can be submitted in the following formats:

    • Bacterial pellets: this can prevent possible cross-contamination of bacterial       culture during transport.
    • Bacterial culture (1ml in 96-well deep well 2 ml culture blocks): grown or not,       please specify. If not grown, we can grow for you. Please seal well to avoid       spill or cross-contamination among wells.
    • Bacterial agar plates: We can pick up colonies for you. Please specify       antibiotic information.
    • Glycerol stocks, please specify antibiotic information, and submit in dry ice.

RCA ( Rolling Circle Amplification)

Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) is a reliable and convenient method for template preparation for DNA sequencing. It can amplify any circular DNA, such as plasmids, from a variety of starting materials. It has become a popular alternative to traditional plasmid preps for DNA sequencing. Elim has developed a series of proprietary, optimized RCA methods to meet your special needs, such as difficult bacterial strains and ultra-fast template preparations.

Samples can be submitted in the following formats:
    • Bacterial colonies (in 10 ul water or PBS).
    • Bacterial culture
    • Bacterial pellet
    • Glycerol stock
    • DNA plasmid (e.g. if you encounter the problem of low-yield plasmids and       have trouble getting enough for sequencing)

PCR Purification Service

Elim uses a proprietary method for PCR clean-up for DNA sequencing. Sequencing data from PCR products requiring clean-up are still available the next day.
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